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My desire is to serve clients utilizing the experience that I have gained in my years of brokerage & consultation since 1962

Specific TASK & DUTIES performed in transactions and business

On the behalf of clients and accounts, under contract and/or the direct or indirect supervision and/or in cooperation with associates and principals from time to time:

For personal real property portfolio, business entities formation and operation, partnerships, proprietorship, for profit corporations, 501 C3 non-profit organizations and corporations, franchised business as franchisee and franchisor, trustees and boards of directors,

Acted as owner/property manager of a commercial property strip shopping center, an industrial property and various apartments and single family residences in California. In this duty analyzed real estate purchase and management contracts, complied with real property and tenant law situations and implemented effective courses of action for the day to day operation associated with properties including physical inspections, direction of maintenance and corrective remodeling or restoration if necessary, rent collection, accounting, liabilities and loan payments, periodic tax reporting to IRS & the State and partners and principals.

Performed as an appraiser, taught appraising at a private university, and expressed his opinion of value of real properties utilizing the principles and techniques of market comparison, construction reproduction and costs estimation of improvements less depreciation and capitalizing income to establish the FAIR MARKET VALUE of a variety of real properties. The properties have included undeveloped agriculture country land, operating ranches, suburban residential land subdivision and development and lot ground, multiple and single family and condominium residential, special use commercial churches and a body shop. The task included researching, gathering and assembling data necessary to analyze and report in final form the opinion as appraiser on various comparable analysis matters including real estate mathematical computations directly associated with these appraisals.

Managed an institutional Foreclosed Real Estate Owned Portfolio. As manager of single family residential homes in 7 western states from the San Francisco Bay offices of a sage and preeminent mortgage banking corporation. Handled, managed and coordinated the duties associated with processing of recovering the single family real properties including trustee sales, coordinating bankruptcy proceedings in recovery, interim physical security processes, marketing, sale, financing and escrowing of said houses.

Initiated and participated in urban infill redevelopment as a member of an architect-builder-financing-broker-property management team; researched, negotiated the purchase from owners, demolished the on site building, coordinated the development and building application process at the city, arranged the interim construction financing, and the marketing, financing and sale of completed product to investor principals. The property management chores of the 8 to 12 unit projects were then melded into a property management portfolio and held for long term appreciation.

Acted as a loan originator for institutional loans and private secondary hard money loans. Brokered HUD 1003 loan applications of single family 1-4 unit housing; initiating evaluation functions of the applicants statement of income and balance sheet financial status. Coordinating the applicant’s information frequently electronically with funding sources and making submissions for approval based upon published lender’s qualifying factors.

Researched, assembled, analyzed physical data of income producing multiple unit apartments and small commercial properties as security for hard money loans for vested owners or acquirer entities. Assembled and completed information necessary for complete loan applications including compiling and analyzing financial and cash flow information on said properties and the financials of the principals requesting funding from private loan portfolio. Mr. Bond coordinated the completion of underwriting and escrowing details for funding of loans including the confirmation and review of completeness of appropriate security instruments: notes, notarized deeds of trust, correct title & fire insurance, escrowing and recording and dispersal details.

As BROKER-Owner of a multiple office real estate brokerage company; Formed and managed the day to day operation of the company of up to 60 associate broker/agents. Audited and reviewed client representation, sale and purchase contracts, assisted and guided agents/brokers in negotiations, financing and escrowing of transactions. Set all policy and internal procedures, personnel recruiting, executed training and mentoring; responsible for: operating budgets all accounting and governmental reporting task of Schedule C corporation. Maintained proficiencies for career/job by pursuing learning opportunities in appropriate knowledge-necessary areas; Identified appropriate training and educational opportunities for self and associates.

Franchisee was s first Century 21 franchisee; Owned and operated four C21 franchised offices as principal broker. Sold the territorially protected four franchises to establish a fixed fee single agency 100% commission brokerage franchise firm.

Franchisor Founded and registered the first single agency fixed fee realty brokerage franchise in California the late 70s. Handled and organized the legal writing processes with legal counsel in the filing of the franchise documentation with the State of California Corporations Commissioner under the Federal Trade Commission Franchise Act. The documents and audited financial statements were required in the registration approval process of the real estate brokerage franchise. Composed the advertising copy of television commercials, and supervised the production of a video franchise sales presentation. Marketed and directed the sale of the franchise transactions.

Established, managed and acted as primary trainer of Real Estate Institute of California, an agent/broker sales and operations training system; and sold the company to a large real estate training company.

Builder/Developer, with contractor partner built attached single family housing in a luxury Danville subdivision; handled the land purchases, interim and takeout financing, construction loan disbursements and marketing, selling and escrowing of units.

Acted as expert witness and attorney’s counsel on realty brokerage transaction malpractice.

Performed as arbitrator in disputes on broker/client relationships and construction defects for American Arbitration Association.

Ranch owner As a farm kid, Mr. Bond continues to appreciate and integrate hard-work ethics learned from his country heritage acquired a small ranch and integrated modern day practices and economic processes to teach his children the many aspects of business and agricultural operation by exposure to experiences of a small pistachios orchard and through Arabian horse breading and training.

In all businesses, guides and prepares, reviews and responds to inquiries and correspondence (both electronic and written), necessary to resolve clientele and customer, company associates and industry cooperative alliances issues and concerns. He communicates effectively with employees, clientele, associates, the public and customers, public Agencies in both written and verbal forms of communication; and integrates e-mail, fax, and telephone, by USPS mail and in person in the performance of duties and tasks.

Constantly uses computer systems and programs (Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Explorer - Internet/Intranet and data bases) for gathering and analyzing data and information, inputting data, word processing, preparing spreadsheets/reports, and performing research in the performance of a variety of functions such as property research, property research and loan processing functions.

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